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Everyone has different likes and dislikes. We all have unique taste. That’s why there are a handful of different landscape ideas to pick from with our company. No two houses are the same. Although they may be similar. And have nearly the same layout they all vary greatly. So what are some of these styles you might ask? Well below is a brief list of popular styles people choose from-

Different Styles of Landscapes
  • Tuscan (Italian) garden style- While not as common as other landscaping designs a Tuscan garden theme is one technique used by landscapers. Theses lawns usually include fountains and – or statues. Tuscan Gardens tend to flow very similarly to a Mediterranean themed design.
  • Japanese garden style- This style land scape seems to go best with more modern themed houses. Japanese styled landscapes tend be simplistic and peaceful. They usually create a feeling of Zen or meditation. A great choice for home owners looking to simplify their busy life.
  • Southwest Landscape design This design is perfect for people who don’t want to take care of a lot of plants. Southwest Landscape styles tend to be preferred in drier parts of the world. Due to the water shortage in southern California. Newbury Park Landscaping has seen a big increase for this type of landscape This style is also referred to as a hardscape. Due to the lack of vegetation and use of rocks and stones.
  • Mediterranean garden style- The most popular style landscape around the world. This style uses many different type of plants and trees. Two of the most common plants used in this design are palm trees and birds of paradise. We usually recommend this to our clients that want a highly vegetated environment around their house. The majority of homes with new landscape in the Ventura County have Mediterranean garden styles.
  • Cottage garden- Modern Cottage gardens have beds of flowers in them. In the past they use to be vegetable and herb gardens. They have now modernized into flower gardens instead.
  • Tropical Landscape designAs the name implies this style looks like a tropical island. Plants with larger leaves are placed in dense arrangements. The flowers and plants usually have a brighter appearance. This style would not work well in more arid places with water restrictions.
  • Formal Gardens- formal gardens like they sound can come off as plain jane.  They are well organized. They follow a pattern and are usually very symmetrical. Designs like this one tend to fit in best in higher income neighborhoods.
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There are many other styles and variations of landscaping. However, that list covers most of what anyone could want. Custom designs are also always welcomed and available.

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Picking the right landscaping

There are many things to consider when picking what type of landscape you want to have. Curb appeal is one of the top reasons why people get their homes landscaped. Curb appeal is like a first impression; you want it to be good. So you need to know what goes well with your house, personal style, and location. Newbury Park landscaping has a lot of variety to choose from.

Steps to a better Landscaping

  1. Take into account the weather conditions for where you live. You don’t want to plant vegetation that needs a large water supply if you live in the desert. In the same way you don’t want to plant desert plants in a place that receives a lot of rain. Using plants and vegetation that are found locally in Newbury Park is always a great choice. *Especially in towns and cities that are having a water crisis. Always be sure to evaluate your supply of local natural resources before starting a project.
  2. Consider the theme already establish through the design of your house. If you have an Aztec styled house, you wouldn’t want a Japanese garden style landscape. Use houses around you to get an idea of what you might like or have in common. Don’t be afraid to use the internet to get more ideas.
  3. Thirdly, design a landscape plan that fits your lifestyle. All landscapes require some maintenance work to a degree. However, the amount of work can vary greatly. So if you don’t have to time or motivation to take care of a ton of plants you might want to look into a more self-maintaining yard. You might also want a more independent landscaping design if you travel a lot.